Owner/Operator: Phillip Kelm


Micromatic Draft Beer Institute: November 2006

Siebel Institute of Technology, Diploma of Brewing Science: April 1997.  Graduated top in the class.

Siebel Institute of Technology, Microbrewery & Pub Brewery Operations: April 1993.  Goose Island Brewing Company, Chicago.

Michigan Technological University, BS Mechanical Engineering: May 1987: Energy Systems Option


  • Experienced with all types of beer production, brewing equipment, installation & rigging procedures, operations, commissioning, and troubleshooting.  Experienced with setup and operation of bottling and canning lines; the formulation and production of sodas; alcopops; wines; spirits; and beverage production logistics.
  • Skilled in electric, gas, water, refrigeration, glycol, and steam systems design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance.  Thoroughly familiar with machine design, materials, and fabrication; control systems and logic; building and industrial codes including ASME, ANSI, ASTM, UL & National Electric Code.
  • Trained in ASBC and EBC laboratory methods.  Competent DE filter operator and carbonation expert.  I have an extensive library of proven recipes for many styles of beer—especially using local starches, sugars, and fruits.  Completely familiar with scale-up techniques and protocols.
  • Accomplished machinist & fabricator.  Skilled in operation of lathes, mills, grinding machines; and manufacturing tools & techniques. Proficient in GMAW and sanitary TIG welding, silver soldering & brazing.
  • Licensed forklift operator, Red Cross first aid and CPR certified, valid US and International Driver’s licenses.   Experienced in AutoCAD, Microsoft Excel, Word, and Access.

Experience Highlights

TOIT Pub Brewery, Bangalore, India: April 2011 – October 2012

Installation Supervisor & Brewmaster for used 10hl K&S Pub Brewery.  Full refurbishment of 6x10hl + 6x20hl serving tanks, 7hl fermentation, and showpiece copper clad brewhouse.  Designed, specified, and installed glycol chiller, beer line chiller, control panels, and 8 taps x 3 floor dispense system using a unique manifold diverter.  Installed boiler, RO water plant, UV treatment, and complete electrical refit of all used equipment from 60 to 50Hz.  Established recipes for 9 beers with grain from 4 countries, hops from 5 countries, unique local ingredients, and 5 yeasts.  Responsible for training and development of SOPs.

Palau Brewing Company, dba Red Rooster Brewery, Palau Micronesia:  Dec 2005 – Present

Brewmaster and General Manager.  Equipped and outfitted this operating extract brewery to a full mash system with mash tun, hot liquor tank, sanitary stainless plumbing, and a full set of controls.  Developed new recipes for all grain mashes.  Installed and currently operating a canning line to meet packaging demands for beers; a nitrogen generator to offset CO2 use; and added additional fermentation capacity.  Cut cost of goods sold in half while increasing sales over 300% so far during my tenure.

Platinum Microbreweries, Seoul, South Korea:  August 2002 – September 2004

Brewmaster for two pub breweries; one 125 seat/5 bbl site and the other a 500 seat/10 bbl site.  Solely responsible for all things beer.  Designed brewery, specified, installed and commissioned equipment, cold room, 8 tap x 3 floor dispense system. Developed recipes and brewed 9 different beers using 5 different yeasts.  Responsible for inventories of raw materials and finished products, and all brewing/transfer/cleaning activities up to and including proper dispense.

The Atlanta Brewing Company, Atlanta, GA: August 1995 – December 1996

Plant Engineer responsible for the integrity of all brewing and support equipment, and a range of capital enhancements.  Designed and installed bottle filler beer delivery system.  Installed a six ton central CO2 receiver and CO2 distribution system. Remanufactured, installed and commissioned an antique “Boby” 10 HP 4-roll grain mill, auger conveyor, dump weigher, and grist case.  Built stationary clean-in-place system for entire brewery. Upgraded three-phase electrical distribution panels and cabling. I was also the sole cellarman responsible for cleaning, fermentation, lagering, filtration and carbonation of all beer in this 60 bbl brewery.  Pilot brewed and developed recipes.  Won first-ever World Beer Cup Silver Medal for English Brown Ale in 1996.

More Accomplishments

Investigated and resolved poor fermentations for a 20 bbl brewery in Almaty, Kazakhstan;  Installation & Startup Engineer for 20 bbl brewery in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil;  Installation & Startup Engineer for 20 bbl, 4 vessel brewery in London, England; Commissioned 45 bbl, 4 vessel brewery in Monterrey, Mexico;  Installed, commissioned, developed recipe for 20 hl brewery in Perth, Australia.  Installed and commissioned 25 hl brewery in Mexico City, Mexico.  Installed, commissioned, developed recipes, and lent operational support to many breweries in the United States.  References upon request.